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„АБВ и СИН - производство на мебели“ 30 години

ABV&SON`s company is specialized in producing custom-made furniture satisfying the individual demands of many private as well as corporative clients.The furniture we produce makes your home, office or hotel comfortable for living.

It complements the interior of many restaurants, halls and trade centers as well.We serve the purpose to consult and help our customers in order to make better decisions faster. You can save valuable time and efforts while choosing the most appropriate models of furniture complying with your vision and matching your specific requirements. One of the reasons for choosing our company is the enduring, modern and practical furniture that we offer in a great range of colors. ABV&SON`s team is dedicated to bringing fresh, innovative design to the market, by combining comfort with style.

Individual designs can even be created from a sketch, with high standards of craftsmanship, guaranteed by the professionalism of our designers and specialists.The combination of high-technological production process and high-qualified specialists makes possible the realizations of our client`s non-standard and individual preferences.



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