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About us


Furniture company “ABV&SON” is founded in Burgas,Bulgaria in 1992.

“ABV&SON” company offers all kinds of furniture for your home, office, hotel, restaurant in a great range of colors.We also provide the full equipment for your furniture.Relying on our original ideas and non-standard decisions in producing furniture, we can satisfy the individual preferences of our clients.One of the reasons for choosing our company is the modern practical and unique models that we offer in a great range of colors.The company produces furniture which makes your home, office or hotel comfortable for living. The guarantee for the high quality of the furniture is the professionalism of our designers, workers and specialists.The modernized technology of production along with high-qualified specialists make possible the realizations of all non-standard and individual demands of our private and corporative clients.

In 2006 the company moved to a new production site,made reengineering of its manufacture and improved the conditions of labor.In 2007 as a result of restructuring, the company opened a new office building. New job positions were opened as well, which gave a career development of young designers and technical engineers.In 2009 the company opened doors of a Showroom especially for its customers, so they can sense the new trends and innovations in materials, furniture components and interior design.Our offices are situated on 79”Angel Dimitrov”str. in the village of Sarafovo near the airport of Burgas.