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CLIP top BLUMOTION Иновативна технология, вградена в чашката на пантата.

CLIP top BLUMOTION Innovative technology, integrated in the head of the hinge.

CLIP top BLUMOTION concentrates innovative technology, internationally approved design and comfort

of movement in the smallest space, because BLUMOTION is already integrated in the head of the hinge.

The great variety of the series hinges Blum gives the possibility to find the most suitable solution for

every situation – with the integrated BLUMOTION, each door can move elegantly, soft and quiet.

BLUMOTION would simply deactivate if necessary.


BLUMOTION is integrated in the head of the hinge – there is a possible deactivation

Impressive comfort of movement of each door

Elegant design for high quality look

Compatible with the available plates

CLIP top BLUMOTION 110° - hinge for thick door up to 24 mm

CLIP top BLUMOTION 107° with the depth for the head of the hinge only 11,5 mm for thin doors of just